Cova Do Touro

Many years of labor are at the origin of the production of this wonderful rum. Cova Do Touro is produced exclusively of cane saccharin in conditions where popular wisdom joins the old technique of the mill. This Rum was produced over 300 years ago in the Ferreiros valley, 3.86102 square miles Southeast of the town of Nova Sintra (Island of Brava). This project was developed autonomously, holding a large extension of land in the above mentioned locality. The owner, since he was a teenager, walked by and played in these Ribeira dos Ferreiros and Faja de Agua in the company of several manufacturers and his dream was always to one day become the owner of these lands and to produce rum of good quality.

At the end of his studies, he began production on leased and vacant lands and later on acquired lands and mechanized mills, because he argues that animals should not be subjected to forced labor.

In addition to the traditional production of Cova do Touro Rum, this one is also aged with oak barrels (trees). Before it was aged and stored in dark-colored glass bottles. This aging procedure in oak barrels lasts 2 to 3 years, “the older the better.”

The Cova do Touro business enterprise is one of the largest manufacturers of the island and exports to all islands, and especially to the United States.

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