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The farmhouse of the Oliveira family, from Campo de Cão, on the island of Santo Antão (Cape Verde), county of Paúl, is dedicated to the production of rum (Grog) and was copied more than 200 years ago, having started with the traditional mill, then moved by oxen and mules, and very recently opted for the electric motor mill.

Although there has been evolution in the production process, the quality of the products has remained.

In 1996, the company Oliveira & Oliveira, Lda., was founded, having as its social object the bottling industry, while launching at the time the commercial brand Tropicana.

As a result of Eduino Santos Oliveira giving up his shares in 2002, the current single-member company, designated by Oliveira & Oliveira (Soc. Unip.), Lda., now has João De Deus Lima Oliveira as its principal partner/owner.

The Tropicana brand carries the following products: Sugar cane rum (Grog De Cana), Sugar cane honey Pontche (Pontche de Mel de Cana) and Sugar cane Honey (Mel de Cana).

In 1998, the former company Oliveira & Oliveira, Lda., made all its products reach the Cape Verdean Diasporas, mainly Portugal, Holland and later the United States of America.

Our brand was considered in 2013, 2014 and 2015, by a survey conducted nationwide by the agency Afrosondagem, the brand of preference of Cape Verdeans. No further surveys were conducted in the following years.

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